When a Porsche dashboard light turns on, don't stress. Schedule an appointment at our Porsche Center near Morristown, TN, to learn the Porsche dashboard symbols and meanings. The warning lights on a Porsche dashboard turn on when your Porsche Cayenne, Panamera, Macan or any other Porsche model requires maintenance, an inspection or repairs. The Porsche dashboard symbols indicate to you what may be wrong with your vehicle, ranging from low tire pressure to potential transmission issues. Read our quick guide below to understand some of the most common Porsche dashboard light symbols and meanings, and book a Porsche service appointment at Rick Hill Porsche, today!

Porsche Dashboard Symbols & Meanings

Every new Porsche vehicle has dashboard symbols and warning lights to keep you safe and protected. From the low engine oil pressure warning light to the seat belt reminder symbol, there are

ABS Warning Light

When the Anti-lock Brake System encounters a malfunction and the ABS light illuminates on your Porsche dashboard, then it’s time to have your Porsche car inspected by a technician as soon as possible. The ABS Warning Light indicates there is a malfunction in the Brake Assist system.

Airbag Light

If your Porsche airbag light goes on, the passenger seat weight sensing may be impaired, or there may be faulty airbag. If the latter is the issue, it may prevent your airbag from deploying during an accident, so it’s best to schedule Porsche service near Morristown, TN, as soon as possible.

Oil Pressure Light

If the oil pressure light illuminates on dashboard, immediately stop in a suitable place and switch the engine off. Check the engine oil level and add oil if necessary, but do not continue driving if the warning light comes on even when the oil level is correct. Have the fault remedied at the Rick Hill Porsche service department.

Other Important Porsche Dashboard Lights

  • Battery/Generator Warning Light
  • Brake Pad Warning Light
  • Chassis System Warning
  • Coolant Light
  • Engine Temperature Light
  • Seat Belt Reminder Light
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Light
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